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The VR Drone was designed to fill a production gap in the virtual reality space allowing VR filmmakers to capture the best quality footage while reducing the post processing times associated with other VR drone capture solutions. The VR Drone is capable of carrying  two spherical camera systems of equal resolution, simultaneously above and below the airframe aligned on a vertical axis. Why is this important? It allows post-producers to seamlessly combine the footage to create a single sphere where detail in not sacrificed in the spherical Zenith.  The entire airframe is designed to act as one large vibration dampening system, built around a patented 3-axis gimbal.  This elegant in-air stabilized capture solution is now available for your productions. 

The VR Drone is camera agnostic and can adapt to new VR cameras entering the market. Maximum payload lift capacity is 7 pounds. 


 Airborne Virtual Reality

Industrial Inspections

Situational Awareness

Mapping 360 Skyview

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