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 Airborne Virtual Reality

Imagine the Olympics live in virtual reality, a flight through the Grand Canyon or a tour over the beauty of Yellowstone without ever leaving your home.  The VR Drone is a Patnented technology that brings a new level of sophistication and film making possibilities to the Virtual Reality market.  Dual hemisphere stabilization and flexible camera options gives VR creators the ultimate tool for making beautiful stabilized aerial VR storytelling. 


Industrial Inspections made safer and easier

The VR Drone, dual hemisphere technology is ideal for inspecting undersides of bridges, tall structures like wind turbines and other high value, difficult to reach, industrial structures. Using arrays of HD, IR cameras, Lidar and other sensors, our drones are able to inspect large industrial sites and create 3d models in a quicker, more efficient and safer way than ever before.


Situational Awareness

VR Drone technology can help first responders and the military save lives. Use low altitude IR scanning to help find people after a hurricane or other natural disaster. First responders can survey large fire and hazmat scenes in a fraction of the time. Park it on a street corner in a battle zone and downlink live 360 imagery to commanders.


Mapping 360 Skyview

VR Drone technology has created a unique ability to offer a new level of imagery to the Google Earth and Bing mapping projects. By utilizing autonomous navigation, in conjunction with our 360 imaging, our drones are able to fill in the gaps between the satellite, airplane and 360 street views. VR Drones are the optimal tool for gathering stabilized, high resolution 100-400 ft elevation 360 imagery that can seamlessly integrate with systems like Google Earth and Bing.

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